Monday, 10 August 2009

Don't forget your hat

'cause there's changes in the Ocean
and there's changes in the Sea
and there's changes in my own true love
but there ain't no change in me

my goodness I have just finished the book
it is an autobiography
set to words
about music
very very lovely
and full of heart.
makes me feel completely
ignorant and naive
or sheltered (or something)
about music
and life.
i did not realise it would end
the way it did
i had to read it twice
and remind myself
it was a non-fiction book
before it really struck me
and then it really struck me

i tried to play
Mendelssohn (op.64)
on the violin
(the easy kids version)
but getting there

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Great Job, Well Done (Awesome Show)

I didn't see it but through the wonders of technology I got to glimpse the first park of Jurassic Park - The Musical!!!!

Well done Chris East and Charlie Wood